Deadline: June 1, 2018

Residency period: AUGUST 21 - SEPTEMBER 4, 2018


The aim of THE INTERGENERATIONAL LGBT ARTIST RESIDENCY is a vision and experience of sustainability through shared practice, art career management training, and community building via Canadian LGBTQ2 art and political histories. (English fluency is not required, landed immigrant status is not required.) Whether you are ‘emerging,’ 'established,’ or an inbetweenster, please consider applying!

Notification will be emailed mid June 2018. Those artists who accept the offer of a place at the residency will then have some time to prepare, and if necessary to apply for travel funding. The residency is in the process of raising money to contribute to travel expenses, and we committed to helping you to raise additional money for travel.

The residency is interested in applications critically engaged with politics and art histories of LGBTQ2 communities in Canada. Previous investigations have queered methods, materials, immigrant histories, landscape and Canadian canon. Projects and practices responding to or resisting history of colonialism are of particular interest. The jury seeks to build a cohort each summer of artists who could in multiple ways connect with each other and contribute to each other's experience. 

In your application, please consider the following:

If you could have a studio visit from anyone, whom would it be, what would you like to ask them about their own practice or would you want feedback/critiques.....?

How would you identify in terms of 'generations'?

While there is ample time and spaces for solitude during the residency, this is a group themed residency and not appropriate for those seeking a solo residency. Participants are expected to take full advantage of the opportunities the residency provides, and the unique qualities of the islands. In light of this, and for group cohesion and scheduling, participants remain on site minimum 80% of the time. We cannot accommodate overnight guests, except in the case of personal attendant for accessibility accommodation. Please contact us regarding accessibility needs.

The entire application process is paperless, and can be completed via online form, linked below.